Every company needs to make sure that they are protecting their system to maintain confidentiality. Nowadays, computer programmers are modifying systems to suit the needs of every company. There are already many manageable systems that companies use to run tasks successfully.


Generally, companies work with computers to perform tasks and store important files which are the main reasons why every computer unit should have an intrusion detection system. A detection system is an essential component of computer security. This system is already widely used by companies to ensure their network privacy and confidentiality. Series of crimes that involve hacking and stealing of security information have been reported everyday in different states due to easy accessibility of vulnerable assessment tools.


Corporate networks are expanding rapidly and because of the benefits brought by security programs to protect these networks, these have become more and more valuable.


Computer system makes the communication within the company a lot easier since employees are able to access the company's network. These employees are all linked to a single network and if the cyber security of the company's network is weak, a threat to a certain network's program may cause the whole system to collapse causing a huge negative impact to the company. This is one of the major concerns that lead to the realization for the need to have an efficient and effective cyber SIEM security to help avoid or at least minimize these threats.


The intrusion detection system is basically designed to keep an existing system active and operational. The program has the ability to search for potential attackers from the outside source and makes sure that these foreign data are unable to run. This ability make it a vital component of internet security.


The installed detection system is an investigating device that makes sure that the company's system is not attacked by malicious hackers. These systems investigate all data that comes in and judges whether the data is malicious or safe. If the information is found to be malicious, the data will be automatically banned and is prevented to further enter the network. Generally, the system works as a gatekeeper between the outside source and the company's internal network.



Amazingly, this system works real-time and it is very thorough in carrying out its data investigation. The IT department is greatly affected if the system is taking too slow to operate. The good thing is that this system also investigates a number of other big data analytics programs that might affect the speed and functions of their system.