System for SIEM

An Intrusion Detection System is a crucial component of the computer security. It is widely used in almost every company, and this is to ensure the network privacy and also confidentiality.  Every day there are reports about crimes involving the hacking and stealing of valuable security information.  This has been possible because the hackers can easily access the computers that are not well protected and are vulnerable assessment tools. With the rapid expansion of the corporate networks, the programs running on the network are becoming more valuable.


The employees in these companies have to be given access to the company computers and use the network. The employees are all linked through a single network.  In this case, if the cyber security of this company is not reliable, then this might pose a danger or a threat to the network program and this may cause the whole system to collapse. This creates a huge impact and loss on the company.


The security breach causes loss of lots of money and a lot of time is wasted before the problem is sorted out. Having an efficient and a reliable cyber security would help to avoid the mess or at least minimize it.  The Intrusion Detection System is well designed to help keep the system active and also operational.  It looks for the potential attackers and prevents them from running. These are an important component of the internet security. 


The intrusion detection system makes sure that the intrusion detection system is not hacked by attackers, so it works as an investigating device. The system checks whether the data that is coming into the system is safe or malicious. If the later is the case then the data that is containing the information is banned and is barred from entering the network. 



So the Internet Detection System Will acts as a gatekeeper between the hackers which is the outside world and the internal company's network. The IDS is very thorough in investigating and protecting the network against any corrupt data. It is efficient and works in real-time. The aws cloudwatch system should be fast enough in checking the information so that those relying on the system are not affected if the system is slow in operation.  Other internal programs are also investigated by the IDS because some of these programs might affect the functions and also the speed of the IDS system.  To keep your company internet network safe protect it with the IDS.